Vantage 408b - multi-company process


Make sure that the relevant record IDs match in both companies. I had this when I used two different identifiers for 'Company Truck' when I set up multi-company.

Then, after you've reviewed the details [or at least brought up the detail tab], you can check the box for 'Accept'. At least, that's how I recall doing it. I'm in the middle of something else at the moment and don't have Vantage up to double check.

I hope this helps.

Lynn Thomas
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We are setting up multi-company, but it's being a difficult thing. One step forward, figure out what's wrong, one more step. Well, I have one I can't figure out. When I import the inter-company PO, Vantage gives me the message that there is header info missing, and sets the "must review" flag. eh? There is nothing obviously missing... Help says that you review the details. OK. then what?
Thanks in advance!
- leAnn