Vantage 5.0 MRP problems

Is anyone else on the list experiencing problems with MRP (I use that term loosely) in 5.0?
Due to ongoing problems within the MRP Module of Vantage 5.0, we have to exercise extreme caution in ordering/canceling requirements in Time-Phase as we have identified another problem that is currently being reviewed by Epicor.

It appears that although a part within the Item Master is coded as Non-Stock, MRP for whatever reason is ignoring this and advising to cancel both Released and Allocated Jobs even when Total Job Qty. is less than Total Sales Requirement Qty.

An example of Action Messages on an Assembly... MRP is advising to cancel both Job No's. 361-15 for (3 pcs.) and 01454-2 for (125 pcs.) although there are Customer Requirements for (196 pcs.). MRP should not be
suggesting that either Job be cancelled but, rather a suggestion to order an additional (68 pcs.). Purchasing may be receiving Action Messages to cancel components for this assy. as well as others which is bogus.

Troy Funte
Liberty Electronics

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