Vantage 6.1 BAM intentional error

Quick question all,

Has anyone managed to create a BAM that intentionally errors and dumps a
Vantage session without recording the current record update?

Reason for the funny question...I have users in Data collection recording
transaction for past dates by accident. The issue material screen only
updates to today's date within Data collection when you restart the session.
As long as the issue date is not changed, you can leave a Data Collection
screen up for weeks without a restart and the date will change each day.
Once someone changes the date (to backdate a transaction for instance) the
date will always bring that date up for all future transactions until a
What I was thinking is allowing only certain office workers to backdate
transactions. If the issue date is not today, and it's not the specific
user id, toss up a message saying they created an error and their
transaction will not be recorded and the system will be restarted. Then
throw the error that causes Vantage to dump without recording the
transaction and restart thereby automatically updating that DC terminal to
use the correct date again moving forward.

Any ideas would be appreciated.
Aaron Hoyt
Vantage Plastics