Vantage 6.1 - Changing job numbers in Receiving Ins pection Scr

If that is the problem, that was exactly what I was hoping someone on here
could help us with.
I have asked support that question twice.
So far we have not be able to find the 'switch' to turn it on.
Development looked into this and said that it was as intended.
Maybe we need to change our process for 6.1, but what we do works well in

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Inspection Screen

Could this be one of those Enginerring Workbench issues where you have to
unapprove something before it allows certain actions. Maybe not
specifically EWB but some other place where something is "approved" with a
check mark which then disallows lots of other actions. -Todd C.

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Fellow Vantage users:
Before everyone leaves town to go to Vegas I wanted to ask this question.

We are still in the process of doing conference room pilots comparing
Vantage 6.1 and our current version 4.0. One of the last problems we have
that is keeping us from going ahead with the conversion is this:

In Vantage 6.1 we cannot change the Job Number to reflect the Job that we
are receiving. We can in 4.0. You can only accept the Job Number that's on
the Purchase Order. The problem is this, we have multiple lots that reflect
the same purchase order. For example, the Job Number on the Purchase Order
is 3437-1-0 (top level
job) and the ship job number 3437-1-306, we should be able to change that
Job in the Receiving Inspection screen. We can in 4.0, I understand as it is
now you can in 8.0, but we cannot in Version 6.1.

We have a standing call in with Support and their answer last week was that
this the way it should work in 6.1, we should not be able to change the job
numbers. They also mentioned that soon in 8.0 you will be unable to make the
change. We split all of our production jobs off our top or sub-assembly
level master job/lots (i.e. XXXX-0-0 or XXXX-1-0) and the production job/lot
(i.e. XXXX-0-1, 2, 3 , 4) is what gets sent out and received back into the
job/lots. Our purchase orders are created at the beginning of the master
job/lot entry and materials ordering process and tied to the XXXX-0-0 or
XXXX-1-0 top or sub- assembly level master job/lots. The only thing we know
to do is revise or write the P.O. every time we ship something out to a
vendor. With the resources we have and are allowed, this is not a very
attractive solution for us especially with the volume we ship to vendors.

Since we are new to 6.1, are we missing a step that is keeping us from doing
this? Are there any other options for us?

Any comments or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Jim Moore
MIS System Administrator
General Dynamics - OTS
Anniston, Al. 36207