Vantage 6.1 Prod Dtl report

We have been having issue with some of our prod dtl report.
Example of some the Jobs will report at the end of the report that the unit cost is 54.22271 which is correct, but when we recived them to inventory it goes in at 5.122295.
What it looks like is that the "pull assembly" is not being accounted for when the finish units goes into inventory.
Has anyone seen this before? What could be causing this to happen?
I have a call in with tech support but I do not have much hope that they will be able to help me out.
This does not happen on every jobs so it is very hard to pin point what is happening. The assembly were issued before that job was received into inventory so I not believe it is a timing issue. And like I said the job does account for the value when the assembly is issued. It just does not account for it when we receive it to inventory which deflate the inventory. We use the avg cost as costing method which shouldn't make a different anyway since we the cost should be coming from the job.

Thank you.

Larry Barriere

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