Vantage 8.0 User Group

For those that might be interested, a User Group specific to Vantage
8.0 releases has been kicked off in the Minnesota area. The first
meeting was held last week with seven active Customers in attendance.
The group will focus entirely on the Vantage 8.0 platform as there was
a very strong consensus that this community has very different and at
this time much more severe problems then do other Vantage or Epicor
supported ERP platforms. The group named itself the V8SIG - "Vantage
8.0 Special Interest Group"
If you are interested in perhaps joining, being kept to date on
activities, or in any other way getting involved - please email me at
jlabore@... and I will add you to the distribution. We
are in the process of scheduling a meeting with Epicor management for
later this month or early October to get a better focus on the common
issues and problems we are all facing.

Joe La Bore
Microdynamics Corporation.