Vantage 8.03.4 MES Workstation vs. Thin Client

As we get closer to going live on .4 we are going to relocate the Vantage server from it's current location to our new facility where the majority of users are.
Currently we are running Vantage on a Terminal Server for 8 Thin Clients and 4 Workstations across our MPLS circuit.

The terminal server will probably move with the Vantage server, or I will install a temporary one, so the clients aren't bouncing across the circuit.
I am looking at adding 5 more MES clients which will require purchasing hardware in the next couple of months.

I was wondering if anyone has seen a performance difference between running MES on a Terminal Server versus on a workstation?

Thank you,
Darren Giordano
PACE Worldwide
Information Systems

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