Vantage 8.03 409A Printing on custom paper size

Have you tried to add the RPT argument to your  Vantage client's start icon?

From the System Admin Guide......RunTime Arguments section

RPT argumant --- to give the application multiple printer options. When active, the
application first checks to see if a default printer is selected on a Crystal Report definition.
If it is, this printer and its settings are automatically used to print out the report. If a
printer is not defined on the report definition, however, the default printer selected on
the workstation is used instead.
Use this runtime argument when you need a specific printer, like a label printer, to print
out a specific report

I remember it from when I was having a different print problem.

We have a Vantage form customized that works fine on any printer.


Now, we would like to have the form print to an auto-selected tray for a customized paper size.


The report prints fine and autoselects from Crystal designer, but not from within Vantage.


Any help you can give will be appreciated, I have logged a call with tech support, but hoping one of you direct me to the correct solution.





Pam Lindquist


Metro Machine & Engineering