Vantage 8.03 and Customer Connect

Does anyone know how to resolve this issue, support has been working
on it for sometime and unable to resolve it. I am getting an error
message in my mfgsys803.server.log that says
[07/05/15@17:52:11.202-0400] P-004900 T-004904 1 AS --
(Procedure: 'handleError jms/impl/errorhndlr.p' Line:13)
javax.jms.JMSException: The broker is not accepting messages at this

There is probably 50 lines of the above message then the next message
is listed below

[07/05/15@17:52:11.202-0400] P-004900 T-004904 1 AS --
(Procedure: 'jms/impl/message.p' Line:279) The maximum number of
messages is 50 . Call deleteMessage IN message-handle or increase
the value of the JMS-MAXIMUM-MESSAGES global INT variable.

After this happens then my active task that I have set up for
Customer Connect Sync Process stops. Then there is no more
communication between Vantage and Customer Connect. Support tells me
to go through the process of stopping and restarting the app servers.
This may resolve the issue for a day or 2.

Any ideas?

Dan Ernst
Correct Craft, Inc.