Vantage 8.03 Implementation

Good Morning:

We are embarking on upgrading from Vantage 6 to 8.3, we have several
questions surrounding the upgrade:

-Consulting provided by Epicor:
-What type of documentation was provided besides the general
-Were the reports detailed to your satisfaction?
-Was the format specific enough to complete the tasks at hand?
-How long was the implementation process?
-On average, how much time was allocated by the consultants to help
preform upgrade?

-Overall general information:
-Has any company implemented from 6 to 8.3? If so, what general
challenges arose? Was the consultanting available to resolve
-Does your company have multi-sites or multi-companies?
-Is there a company new to Vantage getting on board at 8.3?

Your comments are greatly appreciated.