Vantage 8 / Crystal XI r2

I have have Vantage 8 locally installed and also Crystal Reports XI, release 2 installed locally.
I am using Vista Enterprise SP1.
Our clients all normally go through Citrix.

If I run any custom reports from within Crystal Reports designer, they work fine.

If I run these same reports as made into menu options in Vantage, I get an error:
"Error in File
The request could not be submitted for background processing."

If I run Vantage through Citrix, I do not get this error

I have searched through Crystals site, through Epicor's site, and the web in general but find no relief.
I'm on hold with Epicor support, but thought I'd post here.

I figure this is permissions, but I can't figure out what. my logon is local admin, and is network admin as well.

Thanks for any help