Vantage 8 Memory Leak

If the leak still exists, then it's a critical issue for Electroimpact.
Depending on the source of the leak, it may make TS worse and we can't
afford that. Assume the leak is on the .Net client but maybe the memory is
recovered when the user logs off. In that case, we can have the all-day
users go direct with everyone else on TS. Hopefully, the leak is already

Latest patch is 802B.

Thanks Todd.

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> At Perspectives last year Ben Nixon stated they were working with
Microsoft on a memory leak issue that was continually causing the
recommended memory amount to be escalated. Once they figured out it was a
leak they started with MS on it but at that time MS had no solution. It was
atrributed to .Net problems. Also at that time Epicor was a leading pioneer
in .Net deployment, especially on this scale, so was pushing the envelope as
far as Microsoft's experience was "at that time". This was almost a year
ago. Many changes may have been made in later patch releases to accomodate
.Net fixes from MS concerning memory leaks. I was curious as to whether
everyone reporting poor performance or huge memory requirements are using
the latest patch level (which is???).
> I had wanted to get an 8.0 testbed server going before Perspectives in
October so I could go there with upgrade questions but looks like it will
wait until after and the questions will be how big the test server itself
needs to be.
> -Todd C.
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> One more thought... if it is .Net related, it would be nice if Epicor
> figured out what the issue was considering they must be seeing it too
> based on their very demanding PC requirements.
> > Just a hunch - the Progress back end probably isn't the issue.
> The .net
> > front end from MS is a bit suspect in my mind.
> >
> > Try Google with the following two searches:
> >
> > .net performance issues
> >
> > .net service pack
> >
> > This may be an issue with getting the most current service packs on
> > everything MS related and then tuning the .net front end specifically.
> >
> > Todd Anderson