Vantage - Adding Dashboard To Tab


I have added a dashboard to a tab in Customer Maintenance.

The Dashboard displays all of the contacts for that customer and is filtered on Customer.CustID.

When the customer maintenance screen loads and I type in a cust id, the results load. If I go to the tab where I added the dashboard, and press retrieve, the dahsboard retrieves the the contacts linked to thins customer.

This is correct.

However, if I add a new contact and click save, the new contact does not show up on the dashboard on the new tab.

If I press refresh or retrieve, it will still not display the new contact on the new dashboard.

If I search for another customer and view their details then go back to the original customer, the contact will be displayed in the new dashboard.

Does anyone know why I have to view a different customer's details before I can view the contact that I have just added?

Secondly, I would ideally like the dashboard to display the ONLY the contact who is selected from the Contact > List tab (in other words, the contact who's name appears on the Contacts > Detail tab).

With the Dashboard I can only use one Dashboard Browse which is against Customer.CustID (e.g. Customer.CustID = Dashboard Browse). Ideally if I could have used two Dashboard Browse's I could have also used CustCnt.ConNum as the second one which would have filtered the dashboard against the CustID AND ConNum which would display only one contact in the embedded dashboard.

Doeas anyone know a way I can get the dahsboard to only show the one contact?


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