Vantage Backup on Server 2008 & memory leak

We just moved our Vantage 8.03.409c off of MS Server 2003 last Sunday. Everything appears to be running smoothly, thanks to those of you who told me about the PET problem.

The only two things that I see that are odd, one, our nightly Vantage Backup is taking an extra hour to backup and the size of the backup has not changed from the old server to the new server. So I don't understand why it is taking an extra to backup up. Anybody seen this problem?

Second, in the task monitor, if you watch the memory usage, it eventually creeps up to the point where you are almost out of memory. We watch the mfgsys803 appserver to make sure it is not spawming a bunch of addtional appservers. On our 2003 Server this used to be the problem because it was an underpowered server. But our new server with MS Server 2008 on it, is a much more powerful server and we don't see the spawing appserver problems anymore. But something is eating up memory and not releasing. We can trick it sometimes by trying a a few appservers. The only othere option is to reboot the server.

Anybody seem the memory leak on server 2008 or got any suggestions.