Vantage Change List

Recently, Epicor changed the format of the service pack/patch change
list. Some of the entries bear a "Resolution with Instruction".

Are these instructions something that we users are to follow? Are
they notes to themselves?

For example (from 8.00.808),
28419 Business Logic AR Invoice - Advance Billing amount is not being
updated in base currency
Resolution with Instruction
Resolution Description:
The BO method that updates the Advance Bill amounts when a value
changes is now called to update fields appropriately.
Fix program CheckARInvAdvanceBill.w interrogates the data in InvcDtl
to see if there is a potential mismatch between DocAdvanceBillCredit
and AdvanceBillCredit. If there is, information will be written to
the text file specified by the user.

It doesn't seem like anything I can effect. How do we resolve these