Vantage Logon Behavior - Unexplainable

Here is a strange one that is killing our performance... One user in
particular who always has trouble printing labels just now tried logging
on to Vantage but was unable to... he received an error saying the
Vantage server was unavailable. I tried to remote desktop into the
Vantage server to see if maybe he was logged on already but could not
remote desktop in, it timed out. I navigated using windows explorer
through our network to the Vantage client folder on the Vantage server (
the error said it couldn't see the client folder on the server ). This
did not fix the problem, it has in the past though.. believe it or not.
I also tested the ODBC connection on this client's PC... the connection
failed. After about 10 minutes everything was fine and he could log
onto Vantage, get a good ODBC connection and remote desktop into the
Vantage server. What would cause/block this user from being able to
perform these things?


Blake Clemens

IT Systems Engineer

Delmarva Millwork Corporation

(800) 360-2364 x132

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