Vantage MRP meeting at Perspectives

There are a few users who have contacted me regarding issues with the
MRP module, specifically the logic behind the 'running balance' for
parts, and how that logic affects the rest of the functionality. It
seems that several users have had issues, so we've setup a special
meeting at Perspectives (this is not on any printed literature) at 4:15
pm on Monday, October 15, in room Europe 7.

You don't need to register for this meeting, and it's open to all users.
The purpose will be to develop enhancement requests regarding the MRP
module. If this is of interest to you, and you're attending, please
join us.

If you are not attending, but would like to be heard, please email your
suggestions and/or problems with MRP to me directly, and I'll bring your
input to the meeting for you.


Jeff Glaze


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