Vantage Startup times

With Ed's earlier question, and some other previous discussion about long
startup times with Vantage 4.0, I decided to do some testing myself. Here
are my results:

Vantage Start Up Time, to Display Login Dialogue

Net' Speed: 100Mb, FDX 10Mb, HDX
V3 4.6 - 5.4 sec 6.5 - 8.9 sec
V4 5.4 - 5.8 8.6 - 11.6

In all cases the CPU time was pegged, so really slow machines are gonna be,
uhh... really slow regardless. But overall, there's not much
difference. Possibly just a little more network traffic with 4.0, which
doesn't have much impact with a 100Mb connection. My 4.0 server is no
rocket, either. Either way, if you're having really bad start times with
4.0, I think there's something to blame other than just the new software.

My tests were all on the same client PC, with the net' card "dumbed down"
in its driver config for the 10Mb test. It has both Vantage 3 and 4
loaded. Here are details:

* Client: Celeron 500, 64MB, Win95-C (with winsock 2 and all other current
patches), 7200 rpm IDE disk, 3-Com 905 NIC.
* Vantage 3 Server: Compaq P-II 450, 512MB, 10K SCSI, TI 100-BT NIC,
negligible load at time of test.
* Vantage 4 Server: Intergraph P-Pro 200, 128MB, 5400 rpm IDE, Intel
100-BT NIC, only client connected at time of test.

All machines pugged into a dedicated port on the same 3-Com switch, running
full duplex when at 100Mb.

-Wayne Cox