Vantage Upgrade / drive mappings

The drive mapping requirement also occured in the upgrade from 2.70 to 3.00. We have an NT server 4.0 and use logon scripts. These are saved in c:\winnt40\system32\repl\import\scripts\. We can write the for indivduals or just use a generic one. At logon the script is loaded and sets the drive mappings each time a user logs on. This gives great control over who what and when. If anyone is interested in this email me at RUBBERASC@... and I'll send detailed instructions. It is very very simple and easy to do.

Shirley Graver
Sys Admin
Rubber Associates Inc.
Yes we had to do the same thing. We made a new mapped drive letter on the
server then had to remap all workstations to that new mapped drive letter.

Hope that it helps.

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Subject: [Vantage] Vantage Upgrade / drive mappings

We will be upgrading our 3.0 to 4.0 this weekend. While going over
instructions on Upgrading from an existing application, it says you
must map drive letters to your current \dwc share and a new letter to
the new \epicor share. And these letters must match what is on the
clients. This basically means we must create a new drive letter (W:
for instance) on the clients in addition to the current letter (V:).
Is there any way around this? We had a hard enough time coming up
a letter that all of the clients had available, now we need another?
called Vantage support and they said we need to map a new drive
letter. Anybody run into this? Any help would be appreciated.

-Brian Valentine

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