Vantage v8 install - Epicor recomendations?

I find it funny that Epicor publishes a "Hardware Sizing &
Configuration Guide" for Vantage 8 but their technical support staff
and server installation guide does not seem to suggest following it.

The Epicor "System Drive Configuration" guide - Major components of
Vantage 8 Progress systems:
1. Operating system (configuration 4 - recommends RAID 1)
2. Application code (configruation 4 - recommends RAID 1)
3. Progress database (configuration 4 - recommends RAID 10)

I built a new server following the above recommendations and have
setup our Vantage 8 test enviroment as follows:

C: RAID 1 = OS
D: RAID 1 = Progress & MfgSysData
E: RAID 10 = Vantage (MfgSys80)

The installation guide suggests to install both Vantage and Progress
to "C:\Epicor\MfgSys80" and "C:\Epicor\OE100B". The install guide
makes no mention of splitting up components and Epicor technical
support staff seem surprised that our installation does not have
Vantage and Progress in the same root folder.

Any "Best Pratices" suggestions welcome.