Vantage Version 8 Cost Rollup

We recently found the following on the epicweb web site (in
documentation I think). Its for 404 but it should give you a starting
point to their logic if you are on an earlier version. (we are still on
305). Maybe someone else in the group knows if there are any major
differences between the 8.03 releases ?

Job Costing:

Technical Reference Guide

Vista/Vantage 8.03.404 Version


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I am looking for the logic behind the cost rollup feature in Vantage
8. Does anyone know how that works? Specifically, we use standard
costs at my company. When you do a cost rollup in the costing
workbench, it just gives you a final number and I have not been able
to find any document/reports that detail how that number is calculated
(particulary looking for how labor and burden is calculated). If
anyone has a document/report or knows how that works and doesn't mind
sharing it with me, I would appreciate it greatly.

Keith Howell