Vantage vs Visual Manufacturing

I wanted to report my research findings to the Vantage group
regarding Vantage vs VM. I previously mentioned that I am doing an
evaluation to determine if I am going to migrate to VM to overcome
some functional bugs within Vantage. I have decided to continue to
use Vantage as our database for the following reasons:
1. I have had good technical support in the past
2. The Progress Database has been an extremely stable and maintenance
free backbone
3. The bugs that I am experiencing are currently being dealt with in
upcoming patches and versions, or work-arounds
4. Very good response from the Vantage Group as to previous
experiences with VM versus Vantage and how Vantage has been the
better choice
5. Vantage has been operating well for the past 6 months since we
went live

Thanks to all for responses.
I purchased Vantage in Feb 03 after 5 months of evaluations. It was
an extremely close call between Vantage and VM. I have since had a
number of serious bugs and issues with regards to functionality which
is missing in what we bought. We are running 6.00 with the latest
patches. I have recently been re-evaluating VM and have found that it
does perform well and provides the missing elements I really need. I
am contemplating giving our present Vantage package to our sister
company and purchase VM than to upgrade Vantage and get extra seats.
Pricing would be about the same as upgrading. Does anyone have any
experience or come from a VM application? Any input as to why I
should stay with Vantage? I appreciate any comments. Thanks in