Vendor serial number

Hi All,
I have a question regarding vendor serial numbers.
We buy axles to add to our trailers.
Each axle has a different serial number
If we add two or three axle to every trailer which is a different job
Were do add the axle serial numbers.
Would I add them to the job so I can look up each job and see what serial number are there?
How do I add the serial numbers

I would recommend adding the serial numbers on receipt. Ask the supplier if they can send a csv or something to make the receiving process easier.

I am assuming that your finished goods are serialized. When you issue serial tracked parts to a job, they are recorded and can roll up to the serial number at the top level.

You would mark the part as serial tracked, then when you receive the axles from the supplier you would enter the serial numbers on the receipt line. When you then issue the axles on the job, it will ask you which serial number(s) were issued. This now ties those serial numbers to the job and finished trailer so you can look them up later and print them on documents and reports.


Thanks to all