Version 5 change in pricing heirarchy


In Vantage versions 3 and 4, prices were looked up in Price Break Types
in the following order; Part/Cust, Part/Level, Part, Group/Cust,
Group/Level, Group. We have customers who are assigned to a particular
Part/Level, but receive a special price when purchasing a specific
part. We keyed their special price in the Part/Cust price breaks. This

price strategy worked perfectly since Vantage looked for the price first

in the Part/Cust table and if it didn't find a price, went to Part/Level

and so on down the Price Break Types hierarchy.

When you convert to version 5.0 your Part/Level prices will convert into

Price List Codes. Price List Codes were developed for implementation of

new currency functionality. In version 5.0 the price lookup hierarchy
has been changed so that prices in Price List Codes are looked at first
then Part/Cust prices found in Price Breaks. None of the pricing
strategies in Price Breaks have the new currency functionality, so
Development put the Price List Codes ahead of Price Breaks.

This means that if you have customers assigned to Part/Levels who also
have special prices in Part/Cust for particular parts, their special
prices will have to be manually keyed during Sales Order entry in
version 5.0.

eManufacturing Development is working on a solution. No word yet as to
when the solution will be available.

Glenn Woods,
M&M Manufacturing