Version 6.1 Landed Costs

Hello All,

It appears you can only assign landed costs after a receipt is performed. Does this seem odd to you?

We are on average costing and I was running a test on landed costs and noticed that the "Landed Costs" button doesn't activate until AFTER the receipt. This causes a receipt reversal and re-receipt with the landed costs going to material burden. It seems you should be able to assign prior to receiving or better yet, when a purchase order is created. The current mode of operation seems risky since you'd be asking your receiving personnel to assign the landed costs by line. <eek!>

If anyone else is running this let me know how you got it to work.

Paul Krotts
JH Baxter & Company

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Hi All.

I have been looking into possible tweaks to squeeze as much performance out
of our V8 server as possible. It may not be common knowledge, but for best
performance the block size of the hard drive where your database resides
should be the same size as your database blocks.

(You can check the DB size in Perfmon, option 7 - database status, and for
your HD by running chkdsk <drive>)

By default, a new V8 database uses 4k blocks, which is fine since the
default block size for NTFS is 4k (at least it was for us).

However, I discovered our current 6.1 database is set for 8k database
blocks. The reason being is our version 5.2 database used 8k blocks. IIRC,
we changed this on instructions from Epicor. The 8k block size has carried
on through our upgrades to 6.x and now to testing V8.

How it got that way is less important. The reason I wanted mention about
block size is because if your DB block size is larger than your HD block
size, you run a risk of corrupting your database. A small risk, but I figure
why take the chance.

We were able to change the block size back to 4k by doing a dump and load of
our V8 database (the DB template provided by Epicor for dump and load uses
4K blocks).

So something to keep in mind when you do your conversion to V8. Check the
block size. I spoke to Epicor and they said they are going to document this,
but I thought I should pass the heads-up along to the list users.


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