Very off topic but hey just in case

really stretching the limits of off-topic here, but if football teams are okay…

If this breaks the rules feel free to delete and no hard feelings - but just in case anyone is looking for a house in sunny Montréal, I’m selling mine. More pictures will be online when painting is done.

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If this turns into craigslist I’m coming after you @SteveFossey :rofl:

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I’ve had people threaten me about Craigslist before, but usually it’s used as a verb, as in “I’m gonna Craigslist your stuff if it’s not out of my garage by Saturday…”

Sorry Steve not looking for a house but is the neighbor’s sofa still available? :rofl:

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… “and the free bulky garbage pick-up during the summer, apparently coordinated with the Streetview car, is just another reason to relocate to Pointe-Claire!”