Video cards (Vantage 8 client)

At 12:30 PM 8/10/2005, you wrote:
>I will benchmark its performance and then see how adding another
>512M RAM and a video card with 128M onboard changes the
>performance. Will let you know.

Video cards with mega-memory only help with 3-D games and graphics
(like CAD/CAM and rendering digital video Disney or
Pixar-style). Low-end ones are cheap enough ($40 - $90) to slap them
in new systems, but as upgrades for older systems, you'll get
negligible benefits from the expense and hassle.

eg: at 1280x1024 resolution in 16 bit color, you have 1.25
mega-pixels, times 2 bytes per equals 2.5MB of video memory
utilization. Pretty standard memory for the last 10 years or
so. 2-D performance of everything in the last 5 years is plenty
fast. the extra memory is only used for bitmaps and other 3-D stuff.

For office apps (no 3D) I like old Matrox cards you can get on Ebay
for < $10. The analog video output quality is superior to most
everything, and gives a noticeably better CRT image. However, I just
got a new Dell LCD at home, and need to get something with DVI
output. Guess I'll finally have to retire the G200.

-Wayne Cox
Twenty Three, Inc. - Information Technology Consulting

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