View .p ABL customization

Is there a way to view a .p ABL customization within the Method Directives setup? I thought there was a way to view the ABL code in the Method Directives under the Advanced source code but I do not see it being displayed there.


That "synchronously execute ABL _________ " is for when the code resides in a .P file.

You’d use this if you had the same code used multiple places, instead of having it manually entered in the editor as Advanced…

For example, I wrote a shipping notice that program (for V8) and stored it in a .P file. Then called that .P from Data Directives (or whatever it was called in V8, a BAM?).

Can you browse to where that .P file is, and view it with a text editor?

I was able to get the .p file and view it in text editor. Only the .r file gets promoted to the server location so I needed to request the actual .p file to view it. Is that correct that only .r files gets promoted and not .p?

No,in this case you will have a .p file.

So when a .p file gets “compiled” it generates a .r file that is promoted to the server and not the .p file, is that how I understand all these .p, .r, .i, etc.?

For the example you posted this uses a .p (uncompiled) file. There are .r (compiled) files that may be used in other scenarios. You can see in the example below I have a external .p referenced in a BPM and then show the folder that the .p resides in.

I thought Custom BPM’s reside under the BPMExec folder and not under the Server folder location?

This BPMExec is typical for the compiled BPM code and not when you use an external .p file.

I do recall a long time ago someone showed me a trick on how to compile a .p into a .r in Epicor 9, but for the life of me I can’t remember, or is that, I’d rather not remember :slight_smile: If I recall, I’ll try to remember to update this thread. :slight_smile:

You can it requires the OpenEdge development license and you use the procedure editor.

I’m trying to do the opposite, where I don’t have the .p file but only the .r and need to review it.

Are you looking at an Epicor .r file or one that was custom? If Epicor, you are out of luck and if custom you will want to find the source which is the .p file.

Yup I’m with Dan on that one