Viewing and/or exporting records in HomeTile table

Does anyone know any way to do this, or if it is even possible with the standard Epicor tools?

If anyone can suggest another way to determine the number of users that have created “BAQ Gadget” tiles, I’d liked to learn that as well. The memory and CPU usage on our server seems to be higher than what it should be and I am strongly suspecting that we have too many users setting up BAQ gadgets with very low refresh intervals. Unfortunately, the “where used” functionality in the BAQ Designer doesn’t include the gadget usage.

It can be done with a BAQ Grid Tile. Click the top right 3 dots icon. I don’t see a way to do this with a chart view or KPI view.

@mhelfrey, I presume you are referring to exporting in general. Is that right? I want to view or export the records in the HomeTile table specifically, but I haven’t found any way to do that with either Epicor tools or even SSMS.

I don’t think you can view or export the records in a standard EDD Tile. What I am showing is a BAQ that I made and added it to the EDD Home Page, I can export records to Excel from this.

To see the data inside of an Epicor created tile, you would have to edit this in the EDD website and click on the table view or transaction details buttons.

Here I have clicked the transaction details for the Epicor Aged Receivables Tile. Even then, I cannot export this data from here.

I think I would have to copy the standard BAQ to my own to get at the raw data.

Or … am I missing your question all together?

I believe it is located in Ice.XXXChunk in a blob/chunk format. I don’t know how that can help you though.

It should be TypeCode “ShellHomPage”