Virtual Table in BAQ

I am creating query for Price Breaks. I have it done in SQL, but now starting to translate over to the BAQ. Throwing this out here in case someone has done this before.

Here is the SQL I am working on. I might go the UD route in case the Price Break points change in the future. Just don’t want to waste a UD table for 8 rows. lol

(select 1 as Breaks
                  UNION ALL Select 25
                  UNION ALL Select 50
                  UNION ALL Select 100
                  UNION ALL Select 250
                  UNION ALL Select 500
                  UNION ALL Select 1000
                  UNION ALL Select 2000) as pbreaks

Dear Ken,

Would UDCodes work for your application? Best, …Monty.

You can use a recursive CTE and not waste a single table… (maybe) stab in the dark.
CTESequence.baq (17.4 KB)

I went with the UDCodes Thanks for the reminder Monty.