Vista 8.03.408b to 8.03.410 - prowin32.exe stops responding

Trying to help a client who lost their server. They purchased a new server, installed Server 2022 and a HyperV running Server 2008R2. They had the original disks for the installation of 8.03.400 but they don’t have the service pack for 8.03.408B…so while attempting to upgrade the recovered database (which in itself has been an adventure), the conversion process window starts and does nothing. Review of the event viewer shows The program prowin32.exe version stopped interacting with Windows and was closed.
Looking for any ideas!

I recall that progress command line programs need to be run in the “ProEnv” (Progress Environment?). Which I think just sets up a bunch DOS environment variables that the programs look for.

That is normally true, but this is happening when I kick off the database conversions from the Epicor Admin login. It is a windows app, but who knows what’s going on under the covers…

Just realized that this never got resolved…the issue was that the database had some values in the tables that were corrupted when the server crashed. The corrupted data in the tables needed to be removed. I engaged Epicor consulting who was able to take the database back up that was created and they identified the tables with the data issues, removed and/or rebuilt the data as best they could. The server is finally running again, just missing some records is a few areas.