Vista/ Vantage 8.03 Product Configurator - Progress Code (.P File)

Thanks in advance for looking this senario;
Problem: Need to Create 3 lines in PartDim Table when a new part get created through Product configurator.

When Product Configurator creates a new part and assign part number and saves that record to part table ( by default)
Using Set Field I am saving 3-4 fields in part Table.
All my Manufactured part will have 3 default Part Dim Records.
I dont find any way to save those 3 records in partDim since PartDim table is not available (by default).
But I think I can get this functionality done by calling .P file and Passing Part Num and functionality of that .P would run some code and create 3 lines (Standard Values) in PartDim Table against that Part.
and that progress Code can be run from Product Configurator>Rules> Program Call <*.p>
I really dont know if this approach is right or wrong, If this is the right way any one have any idea about the Progress code that will save/create new line in PartDim Table or any table so I can use for reference.
any reply will be highly appreciate.
Thanks again.

Muhammad Sarfaraz
IT Project Manager
(Vista 8.03.305i - Progress )

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