Visual Studio Attach to (Epicor) Process

I have a strange feeling that since we moved to 10.1 this no longer works, anyone else notice this?

It attaches to the process, but does not load symbols for the dll.

This is a similar thread I think

You mean Debug Customization with Epicor? It should work though it only supports certain versions of Visual Studio.
What version do you have?

ive had it working in 10.1 tho hitting break points can be pretty sketchy. It will go from working great to not at all in seemingly no time flat and leave you scratching your head. When it stops working I’ve never found a reliable method to fix it.

Trying to debug a class library that I built in VS and copied to the Epicor client folder and is referenced in a customization.

I can debug the library within Epicor, I just find it weird I can no longer get Attach to Process in VS to work anymore in 10.1

Attach to process works for me, when remote debugging a BPM, in 10.1.400.26.

Norman Hutchins
Systems Administrator
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