VM Epicor for Presentation

Has anyone created a VM to host their Epicor Environments to run a Presentation? I am interested in doing this for my presentation at Insights.

Thought it would be safer to spin up a local VM vs. trying to connect to Our Test over the WFI/Webs and other potential roadblocks.

Ken, it almost looked like @KRenner did this at the local EUG.
You might see what he has to say.

I’ve used VirtualBox and Hyper-V to host guest VMs on my presentation machine successfully. I agree, one should never assume that the WiFi gods will be merciful when presenting


True story… :blush:

I have VMWare workstation loaded locally and a few sandboxes. Pretty easy to do but need the resources (CPU, RAM and storage) to pull it off correctly otherwise it will be slower than just connecting over your wireless/vpn.


Sure thing it’s pretty straight forward

I am fairly certain Epicor runs the lab pc’s at insights in a local VM.

I’ve done this with vantage and e10, works well enough for a single user demo system.

Yes, Epicor’s labs have been running on VMs since at least 2005… one main reason is that we can restore the labs after each session, and any “corruption” someone may have caused is returned back to its original state. (prior to that, once the “Customization” class ran, it broke most of the systems… hahaha).
But VMs do have to be slim… running a VM takes memory & resources, and you are running TWO OSes on one tiny laptop… if you open the VM and you have MS Outlook and MS Office open on the main computer, you may just run out of guts.

Or just use Hyper-V. It works and is native, no third party. Or if you are really brave you could create a Docker container.

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