VNC (was: OT - License Control Software for Terminal)

>VNC is great. I use it to work on most workstations here. And of course,
>free. And easy to use. Search on VNC - I can't remember the web site.

There are a couple versions of VNC floating around now. AT&T U.K. that
originated it seems to have stopped doing any upgrades.

An enhanced spin-off "Tight VNC" added data compression and some other
optimizations to improve performance over slow and/or high latency links
like modems or some WAN connections. The original VNC is great on a LAN,
but woefully slow on a dial-up connection (unlike PCAW). Tight VNC may
have also fallen into stagnation.

Probably the best one is "Tridia VNC" -- I believe it incorporates all the
Tight VNC optimizations, plus many of its own. The company behind it still
offers it for free (have to per the GPL on the original) but would like you
to purchase the "Pro" version that has on line help, documentation, and
tech support.

Tridia is at or just Google for any of the other flavors.

-Wayne Cox
Twenty Three - Information Technology Consulting