Void Task in Quote Entry

If you void a task in Quote Entry, is there a way to un-void? We have an employee here who is the owner of a couple voided tasks. He’s unsure how they were voided in the first place, and these tasks still appear on his task list. Any way to clear these out?

I didn’t see a reply to this, but we have run into the same issue. We are on 10.1.400.38.

I know it’s not encouraged, but we just manually flagged the task as complete in the database. I never actually submitted a ticket with Epicor support on this, so I wonder if they would send a fix that would essentially do the same thing? It was a rare issue for us though, and hasn’t happened at all since my post on this a year ago. Good luck!

I opened up a Case with them and let you know what they suggest.

Sounds good, thanks!

Here is the response from Epicor:

You can unvoid the task and then complete it.
To do that please ask the user who voided the task (or add yourself to the user workforce as an authorized user so that you can do it yourself) to go to the task list screen
Once there, on the workforce ID look for the workforce of the user, then go to the list tab and look for the voided task of the quote with the issue, once you have found it, uncheck the voided checkbox and save.
Go back to the quote (of if you had it open, refresh the screen) the task will be available again. Mark it as complete and then save. Now you will be able to close the quote

It is easy when you know where to do it. I wish they had better documentation of some of this. Anyway, here it is for future reference.

Ah, so it’s on the Task List! That makes sense. Thanks for taking the time to submit the ticket and update on the forum as well.
Have a good one!