Voided Checks Not Showing Up in Bank Statement Processing

I am reconciling a bank statement. We wrote an AP check in January and then voided it in February. I see the entries in the GL in both periods, but I do not see either the AP Payment or the AP void in Bank Statement Processing. So I can’t leave the check outstanding at 1/31 even though there is a credit to cash in January in the GL.

Having a similar issue. We voided an AP payment. The entry shows in the GL but not in the bank rec. Any updates?

No, unfortunately.

based on my understanding, if a check has been Voided, it wouldn’t appear to be reconciled in BSP.

Hi Chun. Agreed. This is a problem, however, when a check is written in one period and voided in a subsequent period. The GL is affected in the respective periods, but the check and void both disappear from BSP. We end up making a reversing journal entry to reconcile; however this is improper because as of the end of the first period, the check was truly outstanding.