Voiding specific tags during cycle count

I’ve been requested to make cycle counts focus on isolating a specific location, and I am trying to work with the cycle count process in Epicor without introducing any new menus to track/execute this. The problem is that when a part is selected for a cycle count the tags generated are for all locations, and so far it seems the only way to void tags is for the entire part only. Is there any way to void a specific tag/tags rather than all associated with the part?


no there is no way. The concept around how the cycle count program runs is that you must count ALL instances of a part number within one warehouse. so if you have 5 locations in that warehouse, you must count all of them. This is because at the end of the process, the system does two things:

  1. it moves the inventory to the correct bins based on the count
  2. if there is a total variance for the warehouse, it posts that as a count variance.

Thanks for the reply Tim! I was hoping that wasn’t the answer and that I was just missing something but at least I know 100% now!