VS debug code layer

On some of our customization we have added a code layer for cc processing and build our standard customization on top of it. Now when I try to debug the customization I only get the cc layer. Is there a way to debug with VS with multiple code layers?


Well you can only have 1 Customization Layer Active. Is your other layer a Verticalization or Localization Layer? or is your code in its own .dll (ICE SDK?)

Our other layer is a BaseExtension and we build our customization on top of it. The base layer loads its own dlls.


When I select a Customization that has a BaseExtension Visual Studio opens up both and sets a breakpoint in both layers automatically. (10.2.400) it shows up as 2 tabs in Visual Studio (2 files)

Thanks a lot @hasokeric for this info, there must be something else going on.