W2k SP3 potential issue

Just an FYI on SP3 for W2K. SP3 installs a cool new gadget in Control Panel
called "Automatic Updates". The uncool thing about this gadget however, is
that by default it runs to microsoft.com to get software updates at 3AM
every morning. Some of these updates require a reboot, which your SP3
system will do promptly when asked for it, without consulting the user
first. Not cool. Fortunately "Automatic Updates" can be adjusted to better



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Subject: [Vantage] OT - Partition Magic

Any Partition Magic experts out there? I have several workstations with C
and D, E and F drives. I want to bring them all to only C-drive and D-drive
without removing the data. D-drive will contain the image from Drive Image.
C-drive will contain the My Documents folders (so I can redirect them to a
server. Right now, all their C-drives are only 4G and hold only the
operating system. After, I want to be able to have 2/3 of the room allotted
to C-drive and 1/3 to D-drive. Image will be stored on D-drive, and
everything else (OS, programs and files) will be on C-drive. (If this
doesn't sound like the best arrangement, let me know that too).

So what is the best way of getting from here to there? Any and all opinions
will be appreciated. I know the solution to this is going to be subjective.

Gary Polvinale
Denton ATD

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