W2's Not Pulling All Information Over


We printed our W2's today. In Pennsylvania we have to pay a wage tax to
local municipality. If the employee is in the same municipality as us
we have to deduct the tax out of their checks and send it to the

Now my problem is - when printing the W2 the box that is local wages,
tips, etc is printing 0.00 unless we are deducting their wage taxes out
of their paycheck. Is there a tax table for everyone else? Anyone else
in PA that can help me on this?

My other problem is the total page did not pull over any federal or
state numbers for the W3. (I did find out from my other post that the
W3 will not print correctly we have to type it on the typewriter.)

If it is easier to call me. My phone number is (412) 963-7100.

Vamco International, Inc.
(412) 963-7100