WAN Problem

Good Morning All,

We are trying to run Vantage at a remote location using:
1> Windows NT4 Server - Vantage 3.0 /Progress 8.3a Server on Host Side
2> Windows 2000 Terminal Server - Host Side (not using Citrix)
3> Four shop data collection terminals running Windows 2000 Terminal
Services Client - Remote Side
4> 100-Mbps Ethernet on Host Side / 10-Mbps Ethernet on Remote Side
5> 64k frame relay data line between Host and Remote / Cisco 1700 Series
Router at each end

Problem #1: The data collection terminals sometimes lock-up at the remote
end when everyone hits the systems at the same time to clock-out. Our
problem is due to (I think) lack of bandwidth because we are also pushing
one line for Voice over IP, internet access from host to remote side, remote
server access, and company e-mail over the same line. More bandwidth is not
an option due to cost restrictions by management.
Solution #1: I installed Progress and Vantage (with current patches)
directly on the Windows 2000 Terminal Server harddrive to restrict network
traffic between the Windows 2000 Terminal Server and the Windows NT4 Server.
It's been running since 12-22-00 without any more lockups at the remote end.
However, it caused "Problem #2".

Problem #2: At the remote side, they can no longer printout reports from
Job Tracker if needed. After selecting the print icon we get an Error box
that says "open-print-file Error - Error 525".

Any suggestions? Thanks for any help with this.

Have a Nice Day :-)
Danny Burleson