WCF SessionMod Logout issues?

Hi all
Going through the old WCF documentation and I’ve run into a snag with the SessionMod client behavior.
I am able to login to the session, but when I call the logout method, I return an error:

This seems strange especially since it’s coming straight from the documentation. Anything obvious jump out at you as to what the issue might be?

it is error in the guide

you need to recreate SessionModClient proxy after call to the Login:
sessionId = sessionModClient.Login();

Something like this:
// now we need to create a new instance of the SessionModSvc client class before we can apply the
// Endpointbehavior to it, otherwise it will not pick up the new behavior.

builder.Path = instance + “/Ice/Lib/SessionMod.svc”;
sessionModClient = GetClient<SessionModSvcContractClient, SessionModSvcContract>(

Otherwise behavior you add later is not applied. And no SessionID is sent to server for Logout

The code is already in the guide, it’s step 7 on page 15. It is missing from the full method code provided on page 18.

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Olga is correct - we found that some time ago and I thought fixed it. I’ll circle around on current documentation - I could swear we fixed that but I may be off in my versions.

One more important question - Why are you looking at WCF? (Curiousity)


Thanks. It’s not very obvious in the guide, but I see it now that you’ve pointed it out.

It’s fixed in the documentation, although not very visible. I also had older documentation, so that probably helps to explain it.

We have development in progress for third party integrations that rely on what we know works, which is WCF.

We share environments with our larger parent company, so even though I want to try out the new API, it would require changing the application server configuration that we both share, which carries potential risk. Our parent has not been willing to take this risk, especially with a phased go-live date in October.
We are likely spinning up new application servers to split off our instances of Epicor from our parent company in the fall. In that scenario, we will be more agile with upgrades and will have the ability to configure it for the new API.

Question for you: Is there a guide to use in addition to the REST Implementation Tech Preview? I’ve also read that long thread about it, but a consolidated document like the WCF guide would be nice if it exists. I would also assume that since we are on 10.1.500.11, which is still the beta for REST, we would be required to upgrade to a 600 version?

That rest equivalent is in dev for 10.2

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