WCF vs adapter speed

Quick question, does anyone know if it’s faster to use adapters or to use WCF to call the business object directly?
I’m working on a project that requires high speed of transactions and I want to make sure I’m using the right tool for the job.

Adapters are nothing but an implementation of the business objects, so although there is overhead it is likely minimal and they do solve a lot of other issues for you.
Also although nothing is guaranteed, Epicor makes extra effort to ensure that Adapters upgrade cleanly while going direct to the WCF Services will likely not upgrade as nicely.

If you are in 10.1.500 try the REST API… IT IS FASTTTTTTTTTTTT

The good news is that we just updated to 10.1.500.11, so we do have REST API. The bad news is I have absolutely zero experience with that :slight_smile:

Is this an external project? or a customization?

It is a customization

ah then don’t worry about REST (won’t help here)
Just do the Adapter