We need VOLUNTEERS for a test - MRP @ 2023.1

We are looking for 2-3 ON PREM customers and 2-3 CLOUD customers to perform some testing with their MRP Regeneration and Regenerate PO Suggestions.

  1. you need to be on Kinetic 2023.1
  2. you need to use MRP and PO Suggestions

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We have a potential performance improvement that we want to test, and we need to see the results. We need to know the average net effect of the change.
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What?.. No Volunteers yet? (@josecgomez you dont count).

@timshuwy I have a 23.1 test setup I can run this on. What are the parameters?

I can also run tests - although we not longer run 25k jobs per night… I have all the stats I can do comparisons with too, thanks to Mark P :grin:

I have a test environment running 2023.1 it has a copy of our live database on it if that is any help.