Websaleable part checkbox in Vantage 6.1.525

Recently, I ran a SQL statement on our Part table to update the WebPart field within Vantage 6.1.525 and set it true based on certain fields within the Part table.

The SQL statement ran without error through ODBC. When I run a Crystal report to look at the data, everything seems correct. The ones we want marked shows up on the report while the ones we don't did not show up.

Now, when I go into the Vantage user interface, the status of the record has not changed. I'm sure this field is not linked to any other fields. Seeing the field is a Boolean, it should only be able to be set one of two ways, correct?

I have set other Boolean fields this way and they have worked both in reporting and the user interface.

Anyone experience this type of problem before?

Joe Sanders
Wipaire, Inc.

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