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Hi Mike, A co-worker would like to sign up for the One List, and it's been
so long since I did this I can't remember how I did it. Her name is Susan
and her email address is Susan@... (She's Dave Cole's
Can you send her an email advising her on how to get hooked up?


Rhonda S. Sherer, Purchasing Agent
Reeder & Kline Machine Co., Inc

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Welcome to the VANTAGE mailing list. Please take a moment to review this
message. I recommend that you store a copy of it in a mailbox for special
VANTAGE posts you might want to keep. Everyone's input is welcomed and
encouraged. If contributions to this list can save you 5 minutes, then it
served it's purpose.

Please send any messages (via your e-mail program)to vantage@onelist.com.
will receive a copy back from the listserver, along with everyone elses
and questions.

Please keep in mind that this list is for discussion of the Vantage product
not for customer complaints, etc. The List Moderators will not allow the
to become self-defeating by turning into a gripe session. Alternatively, if
need help with any aspect of the software, please go to Vantage Support
first -
they should always be your first line of defense. While some members of the
Vantage Support and Technical teams are subscribed to this list, they have
chosen not to have an offical voice on the list. Information shared here
come from users just like yourselves.

To unsubscribe from this list, go to the ONElist web site, at
www.onelist.com, and select the Member Center link from the menu bar
on the left. This menu will also let you change your subscription
between digest and normal mode.

Mike England
Har Technolgies, Inc.
Vantage Midwest User's Group

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