Went Live, but getting EPICOR is Offline popup



There’s a number of reasons you could see that, but the bottom line is your client isn’t communicating with the server.
Some reasons in our environment where we come across this:

  1. User is remote and VPN isn’t connecting properly
  2. User’s client couldn’t resolve the DNS. Ended up mapping the IP to DNS in the user’s hosts file
  3. App server is stopped
  4. Loss of network connectivity

#1 reason I see this is the URL the client is pointing at is wrong. Check your sysconfig (and make sure the sysconfig you THINK the client is using is actually using that sysconfig)

that looks like the client had connection and has lost it which would imply the settings are good. I would be checking the appserver is running and your network connection is good.

Were looking into the network.

Is there anything in the appserver configuration for timing out


We are not crashing, just getting the offline for the users. I just installed our updated license file as well. We had bought some in E9 but I didnt get or install the E10 version.