What affects a Job Status?

In all jobs and Job Status Maintenance, there is a “Status” section under scheduling. There is a 1, 4 and R, I assume there are 2 and 3 as well, maybe more than R also but what affects this?

I have tried to group them, between 1’s, 4’s and R’s (haven’t seen 2 or 3 yet) to see what the differences are and they have a few things in common, but not all of them and I can’t find things in common to state that for sure this is how that is affected.

Can anyone provide any insight on this?

No legend on this, maybe in a guide somewhere I am missing, any help on this?

This is all I could find, but does not have numbers.

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Thank you John,

I found that as well, very odd that they don’t have numbers there so either we are missing something or they have changed it without documenting it.

I opened a case in Epicor and apparently this is a bug, @Jkane can you test in your environment to see if you see #1 or #4 in “Job Status Maintenance” in any of the Status’.

At a glance, I see 1 and R.

Totally unscientific, only looked at 100 rows, etc.

But yeah - very odd.

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thanks buddy, turns out its a bug, so its under PRB0097387 and bug number ERPS-83386 . A bit upset that they ask me a question, and then follow up by closing it and moving it to PR, so I reopened it, ranted and provided answers to the questions they asked. Really bugs me how they close cases without asking if they can be closed, I always reopen them.

I’ve got 1, 4, & R also

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thank you.