What Controls Labor to GL?

My company does not have Inventory interfaced to the GL. So I am testing turning it on to see what happens. I have hit a couple of snags but they have been easily addressed.

What is really throwing me for a loop right now is that labor is not posting to the GL. When I run the WIP Recon, the material costs were posted but zero labor. So, there is a setting somewhere that would allow the labor to be posted, I just have no idea where.

Any ideas?

I was looking at the labor detail table and saw the ExpenseCode column and followed that back to the employee record. In the help documentation it said this field is for direct labor even though it looks like it is for indirect only. So I tried putting a GL control code behind the expense code but the labor was still not posted to the GL.

If you look at Job tracker -> Assemblies -> Costs tab, are there definitely Labor costs coming into the Job in question? If it shows $0 then that is the issue - some kind of setup problem on the job, operation, resource, etc.

Thanks for the tip on where to look. I believe there are labor costs. See below.

Do you have a separate GL defined for labor in GL Control Codes under Inventory, COS and WIP. And is that linked in either company config or under Product Groups

Vinay Kamboj

We do have an Inventory COS & WIP control code that does have an account defined for applied labor applied at the Company level.

I believe you need to run the Capture COS/WIP process for the labor to hit the GL. Have you run this process for the timeframe in question?

Yes, I ran the process and it was still not working.

I figured it out a little earlier today that the applied labor account and WIP account were the same. Epicor does not post when it is the same account for some transactions.

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